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Create your own leaflets online and help your brand stay top of the mind. Flyers are great for promoting events, sales, product launches, and more.
MyCoolPrinting offers high-quality, full-colour leaflet printing in different sizes and finishes.

customised printed slipcases

Slipcase printing

Customised printed slipcases

Binder Slipcases, anyone who uses ring binders to keep things tidier in the office will appreciate the matching binder slipcases even more. These practical products not only help sort folders based on theme, but also protect them. Here at MyCoolPrinting you can have slipcases printed with your own personal motifs, including as single items.

custom printed sticky notes sets

Sticky note sets

Custom printed post-it sets

Sticky notes are always irreplaceable in office work or at home. They remind us of the important dates and matters to attend to. They are needed in everyday life. It therefore comes as no surprise that they are widely used by the companies as gadgets. You can order from us post-it sets for your clients or business partners. Sets come in a variety of formats as notepads and notebooks.

custom printed sticky notes

Sticky notes printing

Personalised office printing

Post-it pads are one of the most widely used office products. This is not just a piece of paper to write on. You can stick it in different places, so as not to forget an important date, and other things. It works as an advertising gadget and it is an essential office product. We can prepare sticky notes for individual orders, on adhesive paper of the highest quality.

Ball point pens

Personalised office printing

Ball Point Pen printing your personalised ball point pens the ballpoint pen, is despite increasing digitisation, probably the most popular writing implement in the world today. Take advantage of this popularity and create promotional items that leave a lasting impression.